Chief Labour Officer, Victor Felix (second right) posing with long-service awardees of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Programme (from left) Lambert Carrington, Arnold Blaggrove and Douglas Straker. (J.Carrington/BGIS)

The Government of Barbados is very appreciative of the significant contribution of workers to the Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Programme and to the livelihood of Barbadians.

Acting Chief Labour Officer, Victor Felix, showered praise on the workers, who journeyed from the tropics to brave extremely frigid temperatures on Canadian farms to provide for themselves and their families back home.

Mr. Felix was speaking during a presentation of long-service awards to those workers who were unable to attend the opening ceremony for the 2017 Annual Review Meeting of the Canada/Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Programme last November at the Hilton Barbados Resort, where the awards were presented.

“The Government of Barbados is also very appreciative of the Canadian Government and the Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Services for continuing to welcome and accommodate our workers and their representatives in the Barbados Liaison Service in Toronto,” Mr. Felix told the farm labour workers and other ministry officials attending the brief presentation ceremony at the Labour Department.

He acknowledged the fact that there were thousands of Barbadians who had ventured to Canada since 1967 and, as a consequence, it was not feasible to give each worker a tangible award:

“The Government of Barbados wishes to reiterate its gratitude to all workers for their significant contribution not only to the Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Programme, but for their contributions to the social livelihood of Barbadians and by extension, our nation’s economy,” the Acting Chief Labour Officer affirmed.

Those present to receive awards were: Lambert Carrington, 44 years; Douglas Straker, 40 years; and Arnold Blaggrove, 37 years.  Also acknowledged for their long service to the programme were Orville Pile, 46 years; Jeffery Austin, 43 years; Leroy Russell, 42 years; Ruel Devonish, 41 years; John Boyce, 36 years; and Michael McClean, 31 years.

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