October 17, 2018

Economic Recovery and Transformation Programme Form

As part of the Economic Recovery and Transformation Programme the Government of Barbados will be seeking to retrain and retool public sector workers that...

Take Advantage Of Training Opportunities

Workers are being encouraged to seize the training opportunities which Government will soon roll out. The request came on Thursday from Minister of Labour and...

Call To Put Sexual Harassment Policies In Place

It is important for employers to have sexual harassment policies in place, not just because it is a legal requirement, but because of the...

Jordan: We Must All Bear Economic Burden

Public sector workers will not be the only ones bearing the burden of the economic crisis. This assurance was given on Thursday by Minister of...

Commitment To Creating A Better Public Sector

Government is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that once again the public sector can rise to a position of prominence. This was emphasised...

Latest Snapshot of the Barbados Labour Market

Statistics Year Total
General Unemployment Rate % 2017 10.0
Youth Unemployment Rate % 2017 29.3
Adult Population (000s) 2017 220.6
Youth Unemployed Labour Force (000s) 2017 4.1
Unemployed Labour Force (000s) 2017 14.4
Labour Force (000s) 2017 144.3
Youth Labour Force (000s) 2017 14.1
Employed Labour Force (000s) 2017 129.9
Labour Force Participation Rate % 2017 65.4
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