June 22, 2021
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Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections

Under the provisions of the Labour Department Act CAP 23, the Chief Labour Officer, or any person authorized by him is empowered to carry out labour inspections.

Section 5 of that Act specifies that the Chief Labour Officer’s duties with regard to these routine inspections are:

  1. to ensure that the laws in force concerning the conditions of employment and the protection of employees in their occupations are fully applied;
  2. to give technical information and advice whenever necessary to employers and employees as to the most effective means of complying with the said laws;
  3. to indicate in inspection reports difficulties or abuses not specifically covered by existing laws;
  4. to visit places of employment and to institute enquiries for the purpose of performing the duties set forth in points 1-3.
  5. to establish statistical data in the course of the inspection.

Under Section (7) of the Labour Department ACT CAP 23 the Chief Labour Officer or any one authorized by him can enter, inspect and examine at all reasonable times, day or night any premises or places liable to inspection, when he has reasonable cause to believe that persons are employed there.

He is within his right to require from any employer such information on wages, hours and conditions of work, any books, registers or other documents are prescribed by Acts relating to conditions of work; and ensure notices are posted in accordance with the Labour Laws of Barbados.

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