June 22, 2021



GIVE Awardees 2008

The GIVE Awards

The GIVE Committee agreed that the public sector should become a model for service excellence, high productivity and unwavering professionalism. It recognized that the public service has a number of excellent workers who exhibit all of the positive attributes of GIVE and while their contributions are appreciated, they are not recognized nationally. Therefore, the Ministry decided to introduce the Annual GIVE Award Ceremony to pay tribute to those government employees who clearly emulate integrity, self-motivation, efficiency, loyalty and great skill. All of the awardees have excelled in several areas of professional conduct such as attendance, punctuality, deportment, interpersonal and public relations and adherence to public sector procedures.

The Nomination Process:   The GIVE Awards Ceremony Subcommittee developed a fair system for the nomination process for the GIVE Awards, which involved developing a standardized method for allocating the number of awards which each Ministry was granted. Currently, the awards are allocated based on the number of departments under a ministry using a 2:1 ratio, i.e. for every two departments, the Ministry of Labour is willing to offer one award to the individual ministries.   The subcommittee also developed nomination standards to assist ministries in developing fair and impartial nomination processes. It is recommended that the following steps are taken: All ministries should identify a liaison to work with the GIVE Awards Sub-committee to identify the awardees.   At the departmental level, each department head should identify persons who demonstrate uncompromising work ethics and great attitudes and would therefore meet the following criteria:

  • Punctuality
  • Good deportment (conduct, dress)
  • Cooperation
  • High level of output
  • Respect for authority
  • Good interpersonal relations
  • Good relations with the public
  • Adherence to public sector procedures

Co-workers should be given the opportunity to recommend persons, who through their nomination, has clearly earned the respect of those who work with them on a daily basis. This would also reduce any skepticism that there is some degree of favoritism exercised by supervisors in the nomination of any individual.   At the ministerial level, with nominations from each department, the Ministry should conduct interviews to determine the final choice(s) for the GIVE Award. It is recommended to involve the GIVE Awards Committee representative during this interview process to ensure that the winner truly reflects the values of the GIVE Award. For smaller ministries, it is recognized that interview(s) may not be necessary. However, the staff could be involved in the final selection process by voting on a shortlist of awardees, which was developed by the senior staff and the liaison.  The person(s) with the most votes would get the GIVE award(s). Outstanding persons who participate in the overseas employment programmes managed by the Ministry are also rewarded because these persons act as ambassadors of Barbados to the world.

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