June 22, 2021
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Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities of employers and workers are outlined under statutory legislation such as the Safety & Health at Work Act, however, other duties are imposed on both parties under Common Law, which is also legally binding.


Common Law Duties of Employers

  • To provide a safe place of work
  • To provide a safe system of work
  • To provide safe tools
  • To provide safe fellow employees
  • To provide adequate supervision and training.


Common Law Duties of Employees

  • To do nothing to endanger self or others
  • To use means provided for safeguarding health and safety
  • To participate in occupational safety and health activities
  • Report job related injury or illness and seek prompt treatment
  • Be familiar with and adhere to workplace policy relating to occupational safety and health
  • To take reasonable action within their capability to eliminate workplace hazards
  • To co-operate with the Factory Inspector


Other Employee Rights

  • To request an inspection of their workplace
  • To have access to any report relating to workplace conditions
  • To have access to any information relating to the safe use of substances and equipment.
  • To communicate freely with the Inspector on occupational safety and health matters
  • Not be exposed to any conditions considered dangerous to safety or health
  • To ensure that employers report notifiable accidents or diseases to the Chief Labour Officer
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