June 22, 2021
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Employment Services

The Barbados Employment and Career Counselling Service (BECCS) is the Government of Barbados’ national employment service which seeks to find decent employment for all Barbadians through the provision of job placement services for both local and overseas employment.

For jobseekers, the BECCS helps them to find the right job which would utilize their skills and help them realize their professional and personal goals.

For employers, the BECCS strives to reduce the hassle of finding the right persons for any vacancies by drawing from a pool of registered job seekers and facilitating the recruitment process from advertising the vacancies to arranging meetings with potential employees.

The overseas employment opportunities are provided through government initiatives in Canada and the USA under organized employment programmes. The Ministry of Labour is committed to exploring further into these markets and others to find amazing jobs and experiences for Barbadians.

The BECCS also recognizes that individuals also need help in improving their employability, their job searching skills and in planning for their career. Therefore, it provides guidance and counseling services to provide job seekers and career planners with the knowledge and tools to prepare for their future and to realize their potential through professional development and success.

Under this section, information is therefore provided about the following:

  • One-Stop Resource Centre
  • Overseas Employment Programmes
  • Online Job Centre (coming soon)
  • Guidance and Counselling
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