Government, through the Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations, is set to roll out the Job Start Plus Initiative, which is one aspect of the National First Jobs Programme, which targets 3,500 young people annually between ages 16 and 24. 

According to Programme Manager, Orville Lynch, it is designed for that cohort of individuals who are not in employment, education or training. 

Therefore, the Ministry is looking for employers associated with large and small businesses to provide guidance and work experience to the prospective candidates that could lead to future employment opportunities, and so alleviate the current scourge of ‘youth in poverty’.

The Ministry also hopes that skilled tradesmen, craftsmen and artisans will come forward and facilitate the initiative.  The areas of interest include, but are not limited to agri-business, arts and craft, automotive, food and dining, general services, professional services, information and communication technologies, cosmetology, transportation, health and the building trades.

It is expected that this call will also resonate with the Third Sector, commonly known as non-governmental organizations, civil society and community-based organizations, from which it is expected the youth will gain experience in volunteerism and philanthropy.

The Labour Ministry, after undertaking a needs assessment of candidates, will provide, among other things, mandatory career counselling, training and work preparation sessions that will address the development of core skills relevant to each job, as well as soft skills – appropriate attitudes and aptitudes not just for the job market, but for life.

Interested employers may contact Orville Lynch at [email protected] or 535-1453; Moreen Bowen at [email protected] or 535-1452;  Carlon Kellman at [email protected] or 535-1449, or Erika Watson at [email protected] or 535-1451, of the Ministry’s Human Resource Development Unit,  for further information.

They may also submit correspondence to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations, 3rd Floor, West Wing, Warrens Office Complex, Warrens, St. Michael.

Please click here to see brochure and Infographic

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