The Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations awarded students for their excellence in the GIVE School’s Poster Competition in a ceremony held at the Amphitheatre, 1st Floor, Warrens Office Complex, Warrens, St Michael on Friday.

The winners of this year’s competition were Lawrence T. Gay Memorial Primary School who placed 1st with the entry from Aider Hinds, 2nd with the entry from Chante Walrond and 3rd with the entry of  Shakerri Maxwell in the Primary School category.

In the Secondary School category, Jessica Brooks from the Alexandra School placed 1st, Mackenzie Gill from Christ Church Foundation School placed 2nd and Azariah Lowe from Harrison College placed third.

GIVE stands for Great Attitude, Initiative, Values and Excellence. The objectives of the Ministry’s GIVE programme are to improve employer and employee attitudes in the public sector; and to promote standards of appropriate behaviour in the workplace. The GIVE School Poster Competition aims to capture the attention of students, while exposing them to the principles of the Programme.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership relations Alyson Forte who was filling in for Minister of Labour Colin Jordan, said it was important that children were exposed to good work practices at an early stage.

“We are well aware that young people are a vital part of our nation and their success is dependent on how they plan for their future. They are not merely the next generation and must wait their turn; they are very much a part of this present generation. Failure to recognize this could well result in a lot [of them] losing many of their most productive years. They are increasing and lobbying to have their voices heard and will be the drivers of innovations, particularly in the development and use of artificial intelligence.”

“It is imperative that young people arm themselves with the necessary tools and skills for success in whatever path or career they choose. Students who exhibit the right attitude and appropriate standards of behaviour are the ones who are most likely to succeed,” Forte said.

The permanent secretary commended the students for their excellence in the poster competition and gave them some parting words of advice.

Just like a seed, you have within you all the potential to become a tree and ultimately a forest under the right conditions and with the appropriate nourishing. Furthermore, you must remember that nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without dedication and putting in the necessary time and effort,” he said.

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