Field officers of the Barbados Statistical Service will be carrying photo identification cards. (FP)

The public is advised that officers will be back in the field from Monday, January 14, taking information for the Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey, which is being conducted by the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS).

Field officers will be collecting data from selected households for the survey, which is in its first quarter. They will be carrying photo identification cards, but if members of the public have any queries, they should call the BSS at 535-2600.

Some of the districts to be visited in St. Michael are Kings Village, Passage Road, Flagstaff, Reece Land, Kew Road, Bank Hall, St. Stephen’s Hill, Cave Hill, Fairfield, Baycroft Road, Farnum Road, Goodland, Warrens Terrace, and Welches Main Road.

The Christ Church areas of Church Hill, Windy Ridge, Thornbury Hill, St. Matthias, Upper Carters, Rollins Road, and Goodland Gardens will be targeted.

Field officers will be in the St. George districts of Thorpes Cottage, Flat Rock, Mayfield and Rowans Park, as well as in St. Peter at Ashton Hall, Mile-and-Quarter, Church Hill Road, Douglas Development and Tom Bend Road.

Officials will also visit Four Roads and Emerald Park West in St. Philip and Claybury, Blackman’s Tenantry, Parris Hill and Easy Hall, St. Joseph. The St. James districts of Apes Hill, Baywoods, Endeavour, and Apes Hill Development will also be visited.

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