The Labour Department as part of its 75th Anniversary activity is hosting a series of three symposia in collaboration with the Barbados Workers’ Union in celebration of the life and work of six (6) of Barbados’ National Heroes recognized as National Heroes of Labour.

Prominent personages with interest and knowledge of the subject met recently at the Labour Department to advance the planning for the symposia series.

Those in attendance and who will be participating in the activity in one form or another were: Dr. George Belle, Dr. David Browne, Dr. Henderson Carter, Mr. David Comissiong, Dr. Jean Holder, Mr. Trevor Marshall, Sir Woodville Marshall, and His Excellency Robert “Bobby” Morris. Other leading persons not in attendance have already committed to participation and others are being canvassed.

Symposia will be held at The Hugh Springer Auditorium, Solidarity on Thursday April 23, Thursday May 28 and Thursday August 06.

All involved believe this would be an excellent opportunity to raise awareness among students, the youth and the public at large on the life and work of these National Heroes who contributed much to the social and economic development of Barbados through the advancement of the cause of the labouring classes.

All symposia are slated for 7:00 pm. Mass public attendance is invited.

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