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Employees, the Safety and Health at Work Act, Cap. 356 remains in effect.


Should you be unsure about the steps that you should take or have questions about the  protocols that should be in place, to protect you and your colleagues from hazards, in this COVID-19 environment, the Safety and Health Officers of the Labour Department are available to provide you with advice and guidance.


If you want to discuss a concern or need detailed advice, the Safety and Health Officers may be contacted at telephone numbers 535-1513, 535-1514, 535-1515, 535-1516, 535-1517, 535-1518, 535-1520, 535-1521,535-1522 and mobile telephone number 826-1513.  If the Officers happen to be unavailable, please be sure to leave a message with the clerical staff at telephone number 535-1523 or 535-1524.  

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