The public is advised that the Barbados Statistical Service (BSS) is currently conducting a Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey in several areas throughout the island. The survey is now in its third quarter for 2018, and field officers are collecting data from selected households.

Members of the public are reminded that the officers are carrying photo identification cards, but if they have any queries, they should call the BSS at 535-2600.

Some of the districts to be visited in September include: Worthing View, Rendezvous Hill Road, Club Morgan Road, Salvation Army Drive, Gall Hill to Kingsland Road, Water Street, Lodge Road and Best Road, Christ Church.

The St. George districts of Walkers Road, Workman’s, Retreat, Gun Hill to Groves Road, Middleton, Fair View Heights to Workman’s Road, and Jericho have also been targeted.

Field officers will be in a number of St. James districts, including Haynesville Housing area, Durants Village, Holders Hill Road, Mandela Avenue, Thorpes to Husbands Road, Halls Village and Prior Park Road.

Several areas in St. Michael, including Lower Richmond Gap, Goodland Main Road, Westbury Road, Bank Hall Cross Road, Country Road, Roebuck Street, Villa Road, Bonnetts Road, Dalkeith Hill Road, Deighton Road, Green Hill to   Jackson Road, Wildey Road, and Parkinson Field Road will be visited.

Officers will go to Sharon to Hillaby Road, and Ridgeway to Plumtree to Farmer’s Gully, St. Thomas. They will also travel to Heddings Road, St. Martin’s to Kirtons Road, Foul Bay to Rices Road, Gully Road, Ruby, Casuarina Street, Pine Avenue, Guava Drive, Ginger Drive and Gooseberry Drive, St. Philip.

The St. Peter South areas of 1st Avenue Rock Dundo Road, Rock Dundo, Highway Two, Mullins Road and Old Sugar House Road will also be visited.

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