Welcome to the Job Seekers and Career Guidance Manual of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development. This document has been prepared with the intention of providing guidance to students, career planners and job seekers, as they seek to enter the world of work. This document was originally published by the Ministry in 1993, but has been updated to be more relevant of today’s modern and dynamic work environment. The need to obtain and retain employment is a critical aspect of the lives of practically all adults throughout the world and consequently, the Ministry is of the view that the collection of jobs and career-oriented information must be disseminated to the general public.

Planning for and finding employment can in many respects be a full-time venture in and of itself but, if done correctly, can ultimately lead to long term success. Even then, it still must be stressed that the acquisition of a job represents only one step in the overall employment goal. At all times (particularly for young persons), careful consideration should be given to the identification of individual goals and career objectives. Once these goals and objectives have been established, realistic approaches and action-steps to attain these goals can then be outlined. In the workplace in particular, all reasonable efforts must be made to nurture and maintain a sound working relationship between fellow employees and the employer. Though this may sound simplistic, this step in reality requires a fair amount of dedication and perseverance. It is with such issues in mind that this document has been prepared, with practical advice offered on pertinent topics such as job search, writing a résumé, preparing for an interview and maintaining a job.

Ultimately, it is intended that the guidelines found in this manual can play a pivotal role in assisting a job seeker in landing a desired job, thereby increasing the chances that a bright and rewarding career can be nurtured and developed.

The Ministry now takes this opportunity to thank those who have contributed to the formulation of this document, particularly the members of the Ministry’s tripartite Labour Market Information Advisory Committee. Good luck and please do not hesitate to contact the research section of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, in the event that there are any queries, comments or suggestions.


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