Members of the public are urged to sign up for any of six webinars to be hosted by the Labour Department on Tuesday, March 8; Thursday, March 10, and Tuesday, March 15. Two sessions will be held daily.

The webinars, which will be held from 9:00 a.m. to noon, are part of the department’s continuing efforts to promote a greater degree of labour-management cooperation.  They will focus on Labour Legislation and Industrial Relations Best Practices.

Related topics to be discussed are: the 1st Schedule of the ERA/Statement of Employment Particulars; Disciplinary Procedures in Accordance with the ERA (4th & 5th schedule); Holidays with Pay; Employment Leave; Sexual Harassment (Prevention) Act, 2021, and Employment (Discrimination of Employment) Act, 2020.  

Interested persons may register online by clicking here.  

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