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  • Sunday April 20, 2014 03:03:54 pm
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Skills For Future Program


The Government of Barbados through the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation has been granted a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank for the overall management and support of the Skills for the Future Program. The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation invites qualified persons to fill the following positions.....

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Published: Tuesday, 11th March, 2014

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Less Than 100 Days to Proclamation of SHaW


In less than 100 days the Barbadian workforce will be protected by the Safety and Health at Work (SHaW) Act.

Government has given the assurance that on or before January 1, 2013 that legislation, which was enacted seven years ago, will be proclaimed.

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Published: Monday, 24th September, 2012

Youth In Agriculture : An Important Means To Overcoming Recession


Agriculture must be seen as an important means to helping this country overcome the current economic challenges it is experiencing.


This was the assertion of Education Officer for Technical and Vocational Education at the Ministry of Education, Henderson Wiltshire, when he recently addressed students and officials of the IICA Youth Farm Programme at the headquarters of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) at Baobab Towers in Warrens, St. Michael.

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Published: Monday, 23rd July, 2012

Youth In Agriculture First Assessed For NVQ Certification


Fifteen young Barbadians may become the first students within the island’s secondary school system to be awarded a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Amenity Horticulture Level 1 at the end of this summer vacation.

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Published: Monday, 16th July, 2012

Employees Encouraged to Utilise No-Risk Behaviours to Prevent HIV


Risk Reduction methods to curb the spread of HIV was extensively discussed at the recent HIV and AIDS Peer Education workshop held by the Ministry of Labour for public sector employees.  It was conducted at the Savannah Hotel, Hastings, Christ Church.

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Published: Friday, 6th July, 2012

Canada to recruit Barbadians for the Hospitality Work


A number of vacancies are available in the Canadian Hospitality sector and Barbadians have been invited to apply.

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Published: Thursday, 28th June, 2012

Safety Is Serious: Business a Look At Health And Safety In The Hospitality Sector


Safety is considered serious business at some organisations around the island; and many managers have realised that implementing safety systems in the workplace is actually saving their companies substantial sums of money.

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Published: Thursday, 14th June, 2012

Youth Unemployment on ILO Agenda


Young people globally are becoming marginalised, despondent and cynical about the future, and according to Minister of Labour and Social Security, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, this could be seen with the rise in welfare dependence, political upheaval and youth protests across the world.

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Published: Monday, 11th June, 2012

Social Protection an Investment for Barbados


Social protection must not be seen as a handout but as an investment.


Minister of Labour and Social Security, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo made this declaration today while revealing some of Barbados’ national growth and poverty reduction strategies at the 101st Session of the International Labour Conference held in Switzerland.

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Published: Monday, 11th June, 2012

New BVTB Training Centre Open in Deacons


The obligations of the Government’sHuman Resource Development Strategy (HRDS) are being fulfilled with the opening of the new Deacons Development Facility and BVTB Deacons Training Centre at Deacons Farm, St. Michael.

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Published: Monday, 11th June, 2012

Aruba Embracing Barbados' Social Partnership


Some regional countries are looking for ways they can share and learn best practice models from other Caribbean countries.


This is the case with Aruba, where the Aruba Trade and Industry Association (ATIA) is learning from Barbados’ tripartite arrangement and seeking to fully establish an Aruban social partnership.

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Published: Thursday, 17th May, 2012

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