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1.      Opening Conference


At the opening conference, a broad outline of the objectives of the exercise is given. Particular concerns, if any, are discussed, measures taken in response to previously known concerns are reviewed and participants invited to raise any relevant issues. Basic information required for the Factory Inspection Report will be requested and examination of records undertaken.

Typical information required:

  • Number of persons employed (male/female)
  • Hours of work and overtime
  • Arrangements for handling emergencies

 Records which should be available are:


2.      Walk Around


The inspection party proceeds on a systematic walk around the facility. It is to be noted that under Section 95 of the Factories Act, Officers may question with respect to matters under this Act, any person in the workplace, either alone or in the presence of such other persons, as he thinks fit. Persons are expected to co-operate with the Officer in this regard.

Under the Factories Act, no area of a factory is exempt from inspection. All members of the inspection party are invited to participate in the process on equal terms. Persons are encouraged to raise any matters of concern and to communicate freely with the Safety and Health Officer.



3.      Closing Conference


Matters raised during the course of the visit are reviewed, solutions to concerns explored and recommendations made. Matters considered to be of pressing importance are highlighted and commitments, with a time frame for action would be sought.


A written report outlining the matters arising out of the inspection visit may follow. However, it is the duty of the occupier to take action to address concerns raised once they come to his notice. Follow-up visits to observe compliance are scheduled as considered desirable.


Under Section 102 of the Factories Act, employee representatives shall be granted access to information relating to all workplace hazards and to all reports relating to the workplace environment.





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