OSH Awareness Programmes

OSH Week 2017 Presentations


Day one- Monday July 3rd 2017


Integrating Safety into Overall Business Goals and Objectives by HBBC Safety Services

Investing in Work Place Safety and Health: A Practical Perspective

             Case Study- Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd

             Case Study- Ladymeade Reference Lab

             Case Study- Crown Packaging (Barbados) Ltd

             Case Study- Republic Bank (Barbados) Ltd



Day two- Tuesday July 4th 2017


Drug Testing in the Workplace - Atlantis Submarines Barbados Inc

Drug Testing in the Workplace – SOL Caribbean Ltd

Managing Violence in the Workplace



Day three - Wednesday July 5th 2017


Reasonably Practicable – OSH Case Law

Safety as a facilitator of Productivity 

Conducting Occupational Safety and Health Risk Assessments for Vulnerable Groups



OSH Week 2015 Presentations


Building Cents: "Design With Safety In Mind"

Can You Stand The Pressure?

Emergency Procedures From Plan To Practice

Handling, Storing And Disposing Of Dangerous Substances, Articles and Goods In The Workplace

HAPPY, Healthy Feet!

Lifts, Hoists And Passenger Safety

Managing Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases Among Employees

Managing Psychological Stress In The Workplace

Provisions Of The Barbados National Building Code

Risk Assessment Makes Workplaces Safer

Safety Culture

Safety Management Systems

The Globally Harmonized System  Of Classification And Labeling Of Chemicals

Basic Accident Investigation Techniques Part 1

Basic Accident Investigation Techniques Part 2

Basic Accident Investigation Techniques Part 3

Safety When Working Near Power Lines



HIV Seminar 2017 


The Workplace Policy and Labour Legislation


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