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Information for the calculation of quarterly unemployment rates is collected under the Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey, conducted by the Barbados Statistical Services.

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In October 2007, the Ministry of Labour engaged in an exercise to gather basic qualitative occupational and skills needs information on five (5) key economic sectors that were determined to be (i) critical pillars of the economy and (ii) key future sources of foreign exchange for Barbados.  These sectors were Tourism, International Business, Manufacturing, Cultural Industries and Agriculture. 


In that exercise, focus group sessions were held with key stakeholders in the above-mentioned industries. These stakeholders were requested to provide their views on the occupations that were critically needed in their respective industries, both currently and three to five years into the future. Where possible, they were also asked to identify corresponding skills sets and requirements that were needed for each identified occupation.  Stakeholders were primarily sourced from umbrella organizations under each sector and included some of the following entities:


  • The Barbados Manufacturers Association
  • The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados
  • Barbados International Business Association
  • Barbados Tourism Authority
  • National Cultural Foundation


This exercise was further reviewed and updated during the second quarter of 2009. It is envisaged that this exercise will be conducted every 1-2 years to ensure that the information collected remains current and relevant to the changing needs of industry.


The Ministry is of the view that with access to such information, students, job seekers, career planners, guidance counselors and government itself can be provided with a general overview into the short-to-medium-term human resource needs of the those sectors that are regarded to be the "drivers" of the economy, both now and over the next three to five years.  These are now provided in tabular form below.



International Business

Occupational & Skills Sets Requirements of the International Business and Financial Services Sector
Economic Sector Occupations in Demand (3-5 yrs) Skills Sets & Requirements of Sector Sources of Information
Chartered Financial Analysts Designat. of Chartered Financial Analyst (Very imp.) Barbados International Business Association

Ministry of International Business and International Transport

Investment Analysts CWM (Chartered Wealth Managers) Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados

Auditors CITA (Certified Tax Analysts)

CAM (Chartered Asset Managers)

CPM (Chartered Portfolio Managers)

Compliance Officers CEC (Certified E-Commerce Consultants)

Asset Managers

Portfolio & Fund Managers

Wealth Managers

Lawyers specialising in:

International Trade ALL professional designations for Accountants

International Taxation (ACCA, CGA, CMA, CPA)

Intellectual Property

Trust and Estate Planning Legal Expertise in Intellectual Property Rights

Licensing Agreements Legal Expertise in Royalties

Legal Expertise in Licensing Agreements

Investment Banking

Customer Relations & Communications Specialists


Occupational & Skills Sets Requirements of the Manufacturing Sector
Economic Sector Occupations in Demand (3-5 yrs) Skills Sets & Requirements of Sector Sources of Information
Manufacturing Machine Operators Machiney skills Barbados Manufacturers Association

Wood workers Carpentry skills Barbados Investment & Develop. Corporation

Joiners Joinery skills


Electrical Technicians

Mechanical Technicians Plant Safety Hydraulics

Process Engineers Quality Assuarance and Standards

Mechanical Engineers Computers and Automation Principles

Marketers Robotics

Graphic Artists

Chemical Engineers Draughtsmanship Skills

Chemists Computer Aided Design Skills

Biologists Food Handling


Food Technologists


Sewing Machinists

Pattern Makers

Screen Printers

Electrical Enginneers

Industrial Designers N.B: Soft skills identified included Literacy and

Conservator Numeracy, positive work ethics



Occupational & Skills Sets Requirements of the Tourism Sector
Economic Sector Occupations in Demand (3-5 yrs) Skills Sets & Requirements of Sector Sources of Information
Tourism TRAINED Tour Guides Foreign Language Skills Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association

Hospitality Managers Defensive Driving Skills (For Taxi Drivers) Barbados Tourism Authority

Food and Beverage Managers Basic Civics Intimate Hotels of Barbados

Environmental Scientists Cultural Heritage

Kitchen Managers I.T skills (programming, network, sys. anal, etc)

Aestheticians Kitchen Management

Leisure Managers Food and Beverage Management

Golf Course Managers (Very imp.) Leisure Management

Marina Managers Golf Course Management

Spa Managers Marina Management

Customer Service Specialists Event Management

Research Personnel

Marine Biologists Customer Relations & Communications Specialists


Quality Assuarance Managers Conservation and Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Managers Health and Safety Management

Event Managers

TRAINED Taxi Drivers Soft Skills: Literacy and Numeracy, work ethics

Cultural Industries

Occupational & Skills Sets Requirements of the Cultural Industries Sector
Economic Sector Occupations in Demand (3-5 yrs) Skills Sets & Requirements of Sector Sources of Information
Cultural Industries Dance Instructors Choreography National Cultural Foundation

Choreographers Dance Copyright Society of Composers Authors and Publishers

Marketers Drama Prime Minister's Office:Culture Section

Engineers Instructing

Song-Writers Packaging and Branding

Curators Engineering

Restoration Specialists Song-writing

Food Scientists/Technologists Curatorial - restoration etc.

Clothing Designers Web Design for virtual museums and art galleries

Make-up Artists Costume Designing

Film Directors Stage Design

Project Managers Set Design/ Lighting - Makeup Artists

I.T Developers Fashion- cutting and stitching

Herbalists Fabric Science- fabric creation re: sea island cotton

Conservationists Film Directing

Fabric Scientists Project Management

Intellectual Property Specialists/Lawyers I.T Development

Sports Science Managers Herbal skills

Audio Visual Industry Specialists Cultural Heritage

Multimedia Specialists Legal expertise in Intellectual Property laws

Agents Legal expertise in Copyright laws

Administrators Customer Relations

Managers Foreign Language Skills

Lighting and Stage Specialists Vocal Training

Web Designers Script-Writing

Cameramen Book Publishing

Videographers Conservation Studies

Gaffers Soft Skills: Literacy and Numeracy, work ethics

Trained Researchers

Heritage Managers


Occupational & Skills Sets Requirements of the Agriculture Sector
Economic Sector Occupations in Demand (3-5 yrs) Skills Sets & Requirements of Sector Sources of Information
Agriculture Pesticide Control Operators Calibrating chemicals Barbados Agricultural Management Co. Ltd.

Specialised Sprayers Expertise in analysis of soil types Ministry of Agriculture

Soil Scientists Taxonomy

Plant Pathologists Farm Management Barbados Agricultural Development and

Ecologists Embryo Transfer Marketing Corporation

Entomologists Plant Crossing

Geneticists Quality Management - Laboratory

Cotton Breeders HACCP Certification

Farm Managers Food and Environmental Mycology

Veterinarians Risk-Assesment- Food

Chemists Microbiology - Food, Water

Herbalists Molecular Biology

Horticulturalists Statistical Analysis

Food Technologists/Scientists Food Analysis Techniques

Agronomists Food Product Development

Irrigation Engineers

Water Marshalls

Livestock Specialists

Food Crop Researchers

Agricultual Economists

Market Research Officers

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