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News - NEB Finally has a Home
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Labour News.

NEB Finally has a Home

After occupying the NIS Building on Fairchild Street for years, and “squatting” in the Labour Department in recent months, the National Employment Bureau (NEB) finally has a space to call home.


The new NEB headquarters is located on the 1st Floor, East Wing, of the Warrens Office Complex, Warrens, St. Michael.


During a media tour of the NEB today, Chief Labour Officer, Vincent Burnett, disclosed that it was business as usual as the workers were currently facilitating candidates for the Canadian Farm Labour Programme.


He explained that when staff was forced to relocate due to an offensive odour at the former Fairchild Street location, the NEB was temporarily accommodated in the offices and conference room of the Labour Department.


The Chief Labour Officer thanked the 21 staff members for “putting up with those conditions”.  Furthermore, he lauded their efforts, stating that the workers still performed their tasks diligently despite the period of discomfort.


“Even though they were in squeezed circumstances, they stayed and steadfastly endeavoured to carry out their duties during those months.  The NEB was still able to satisfy the overseas recruitment programmes and send persons to Canada to work in the hospitality sector and on the farm labour programme,” Mr. Burnett said.


Adding that the department was successful in expanding its scope for overseas employment opportunities for Barbadians, he praised the NEB for also sending several nationals to work in the province of Alberta, Canada for the first time.


Reflecting on the recent move, Senior Labour Officer in the NEB, Valerie Quintyne said:  “…Happy to say, we are settling in. We are feeling as though we have a home, and we have started business as usual.  Today, we have interviews for the Canadian Farm Labour Programme…”


Describing the new surroundings as “excellent and quite workable”, Ms. Quintyne explained that the NEB was now in a better position to assist its clients with confidential matters. 


“We can finally conduct our business in privacy and confidentially, because as you know, we were in the offices and conference room of the Labour Department and that was quite cramped,” she said.


Also noting that at present the NEB has limited phone access, she explained that the department had only moved into the new premises earlier this week. 


Ms. Quintyne encouraged the public to make use of the services of the bureau explaining that it advertised vacancies for employers; registered jobseekers for both the local and external markets; as well as assisted with job searches and résumé writing. 


She added that the department also had an education component that was handled under the Employment Counselling section.  (Shamkoe Pilé /BGIS)

Published: Friday, 2nd November, 2012


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