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News - Aruba Embracing Barbados' Social Partnership
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Aruba Embracing Barbados' Social Partnership


Some regional countries are looking for ways they can share and learn best practice models from other Caribbean countries.


This is the case with Aruba, where the Aruba Trade and Industry Association (ATIA) is learning from Barbados’ tripartite arrangement and seeking to fully establish an Aruban social partnership.


Manager of ATIA, Julisa Arends-Hoevertsz, made this assertion during a courtesy call on Minister of Labour and Social Security, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, at her Warren’s office yesterday.


Explaining that ATIA has been championing the social dialogue movement on the Dutch Caribbean island, Ms. Arends-Hoevertsz said Barbados’ social partnership was a model that worked and, therefore, it made sense for a small island like Aruba to learn from the success of another small island state.


In thanking the manager for her accolades, Dr. Byer Suckoo praised Aruban employers for leading the social partnership movement. 


“That situation is unique, as it was the other way around in Barbados; our movement was spearheaded by the unions - employee representatives, and the government.  So, ATIA must be commended for its plans to stimulate social dialogue,” she said, adding that it was also important to engage the trade unions and government.


Ms. Arends-Hoevertsz outlined that setting up the social partnership in her homeland was not an easy task, but pointed out that ATIA had been sensitising and educating the other “partners” who were necessary for the tripartite arrangement.


“We have a strong union movement in Aruba and our relationship with them has proven to be effective.  Our Government also wants to be informed, so ATIA has made presentations to Parliament on the social dialogue model that Barbados has in place and how we in Aruba could adopt and implement some aspects of it,” she explained.


Complimenting Dr. Byer Suckoo on the Ministry of Labour’s “very informative website”, ATIA’s manager revealed that her Association was able to review this island’s labour laws and protocols with ease and noted this easy accessibility meant that Barbadian citizens were fortunate.


The Labour Minister reiterated that having a social partnership in place was a good platform for social dialogue. 


“You would get a lot done, although there might be casualties along the way.  For us in Barbados our social partnership and our discourse are generally regarded as cornerstones in our development.  We fully encourage the sharing of best practices throughout the region,” she concluded.  (SP/BGIS)


Published: Thursday, 17th May, 2012


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