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News - The New BLMIS Newsletter: Labour Perspectives
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Labour News.

The New BLMIS Newsletter: Labour Perspectives

By the Hon. Rawle C. Eastmond, Minister of Labour & Social Security.

Barbados is in a state of transformation and adjustment designed to assist us in continuing along the path of economic development in a new global economy. It has become more important to provide relevant information to all stakeholders in the labour market, including job seekers, employers and workers, who are increasingly required to make sound decisions in an environment that demands proactivity and flexibility.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has always recognized the significance of producing and disseminating labour market information. We have accordingly developed a series of publications to meet this objective.

Among these publications is the Barbados Labour Market Information System Newsletter, which presents the issues and challenges affecting the Barbados labour market and its development.

Having decided to revise and improve this newsletter, we are of the view that there can be no better time to reintroduce it than now. There are more interesting and innovative features which we hope will stimulate our readers to become more integrally involved in the labour market and the development of Barbados.

This initiative is designed for the benefit of all stakeholders in the labour market. Labour market information needs to be readily available and accessible as a tool for guiding strategic planning for individual job seekers, for enterprises, for education and training institutions and generally for research purposes.

As Minister of Labour, I am committed to ensuring that all Barbadians understand the dynamics of the labour market. This will be key to ensuring that the labour market develops for the benefit of all.

The Ministry of Labour wants to encourage your continuous readership and contribution. We invite you to give us your feedback. Your feedback is a necessary part of producing and disseminating regular, timely and mutually satisfying information for all stakeholders in the labour market.

Let us, like John Locke, the English philosopher, acknowledge that “all wealth is the product of labour” and in partnership with each other, develop this precious resource.

What’s New?

The New BLMIS Newsletter will continue to present interest features, including:

  • On My Own, which will highlight young entrepreneurs who have chosen the path of self-employment.
  • Seminar Review, which will feature reports from representatives of the Ministry who have attended various seminars, workshops and lectures on labour market issues.
  • Opportunity Knocks, which will highlight opportunities which available to jobseekers, career planners, students and other members of the labour force to assist them in making a better contribution to their personal development and by extension, to the overall development of the labour market and the economy.

Career Showcase, which will feature unique and interesting careers and occupations that exist in the Barbados labour market.

Published: Sunday, 14th May, 2006


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