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News - Welcome To The New BLMIS Website
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Labour News.

Welcome To The New BLMIS Website

The Ministry of Labour welcomes you to the new Barbados Labour Market Information System (BLMIS) website. The Ministry of Labour is always committed to providing timely and relevant information to all labour market agents such as students, jobseekers, employees, employers, their representative organizations and researchers. Borrowing the sentiments expressed by Kofi Annan Seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating”. We at the Ministry recognized that in today’s dynamic and competitive environment, information is critical for any level of decision making within Barbados’ labour market, from the individual, to the enterprise, to the national policy makers.


Thus, the Ministry manages the BLMIS which serves as a “clearing house” of labour information and statistics and it was first launched in 1998. Outputs from the system were primarily printed publications such as newsletters and statistical bulletins. However in a global world, where modern information and communication technologies allow persons to readily access information all day, every day- at a touch of a button, the Ministry knew that the internet provided an incredible medium to empower all persons in the labour market with information. Therefore, the Ministry developed its first website at


However, this website was not as user friendly as desired. Furthermore, the technological infrastructure of the website made it very difficult and highly technical to update, which limited the flexibility and dynamism of the website and by extension, our ability to provide you, its users, with up-to-date information.


Taking into account the recent developments in web technology, the Ministry decided to restructure and redesign the website. This restructuring also provided the Ministry with the opportunity to expand the website capabilities to offer more online services, a wider array of labour related information and to promote the activities of all the departments under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour.


This redevelopment sought to achieve three main objectives:

  1. To enhance the quality of labour information on Barbados available online.
  2. To provide online facilities that would support the activities of the departments under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour.
  3. To improve the design of the website to make it more appealing and user-friendly.


Through interdepartmental collaboration, we asked ourselves what information we needed to get to the public and what the public often requested from us. The needs of all users of the website remained the focus of every decision made and I believe that the final product would prove useful, insightful and dynamic.


However, there is always room for improvements and a need for continuous creativity and innovation to meet the needs of users as they evolve. Therefore, The Ministry welcomes your comments, positive or negative. It is with your feedback that the Ministry could truly achieve the aforementioned objectives.

Published: Friday, 18th March, 2011


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