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News - The Ministry of Labour Welcomes a New Leader
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Labour News.

The Ministry of Labour Welcomes a New Leader

The staff of the Ministry of Labour would like to extend a most heartfelt welcome to the Senator the Hon. Arni B. Walters, Minister of State (Labour & Civil Service) of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs, Energy, Labour and Civil Service.

Mr. Walters holds a Diploma in Public and Social Administration from Ruskin College, Oxford and a Masters in Sociology and Law from Brunel University. This education and training prepared him for a distinguished career in human resource management where from 1984-1992, Mr. Walters was the Manager of Industrial Relations Services for the Barbados Employers’ Confederation and the Human Resource Manager of the Barbados Agricultural Management Company Ltd. from 1994 to his current appointment of Minister of State. From 1994, Mr. Walters was also a Member of Council of the Barbados Employers Confederation and served as its 2nd Vice President from 2002. He was also a Trustee to the Human Resource Managers Association of Barbados and a member of the National Initiative of Service Excellence (NISE) Inc.

Eager to share knowledge and expertise in human resource management, industrial relations and labour law, Mr. Walters also found his calling as a lecturer and trainer, inspiring many of today’s professionals over some twenty-four (24) years as a tutor for the Barbados Institute of Management Productivity and the University of the West Indies.

At these institutions, he taught in a number of areas including Industrial Relations, Safety and Health, Management, Sociology and Social Policy and Administration. His most recent teaching appointment was at UWI’s School of Continuing Studies where he tutored in Employment Law and Occupational Safety and Health from 2006 to 2008.

While Mr. Walters would miss his students and colleagues, Mr. Walters gladly accepted his civic responsibility and welcomed the opportunity to lead the Ministry of Labour in its efforts to provide decent work for all and to address issues affecting the Barbadian labour market.

Published: Thursday, 15th May, 2008


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