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News - Schools Essay Competition
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Labour News.

Schools Essay Competition

The Labour Department’s 75th Anniversary

Schools’ Essay Competition Rules


  1. Students of all schools in Barbados are invited to participate in the Labour Department’s 75th Anniversary Schools’ Essay Competition.


  1. The Essay competition will be conducted in three age categories:

a)      Children Division:     Children aged 8 to 11 (contestants must not have reached his/her 12th birthday by 31st August, 2015)

b)     Junior Division:         Children aged 12 to 14 (contestants must not have reached his/her 15th birthday by 31st August, 2015)

c)      Senior Division:         Children aged 15 to 18 (contestants must not have reached his/her 19th birthday by 31st August, 2015)


  1. Each student may submit one essay written in English. The word limit and topics for each age category are listed below.

a)      Children Division:     200 words on the topicTrue Labour Heroes of Barbados.

b)     Junior Division:         350 words on the topic        What is Justice in Employment?’

c)      Senior Division:         500 words on the topic ‘75 Years of Labour Reform – What Has Changed?’


  1. Essays will be judged on the following criteria: content/subject, creativity/style, structure and grammar.


  1. Each entry should be submitted in the entrant’s legible handwriting or typed spacing 1.5, Times New Roman Font, size 12.


  1. Each entry must be accompanied by a completed entry form. No names or identifiers of entrants should be placed in or on the Essay.


  1. The deadline for submission of the Essay is Friday 30th October 2015 at 4:00 p.m. by email to or by delivery to the Labour Department, 2nd Floor Warrens Office Complex, Warrens, St. Michael.


  1. Where research is done, sources should be referenced. Penalties will apply for plagiarism.


  1. A judging panel appointed by the Labour Department will determine the winning entries from each category based on the criteria for judging. The decision of the judges is final. No discussion will be entertained regarding judging.


  1. The announcement of the winners will be done by Monday 23rd November 2015.


  1. The winners will be awarded prizes on a date to be announced.


  1. The Labour Department reserves the right to use the winning entrants’ names and photographs for promotional purposes. All entries become the property of the Labour Department, including the right to publish or reproduce the essays. The entrant shall be acknowledged as the producer of the work and is permitted to identify him/herself as such.

Entry form for the Essay Competition. Click here.

Flyer for Essay Competition. Click here.

Published: Thursday, 24th September, 2015


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