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Employed persons can be:
  1. Government or private employees who receive monthly or weekly wages/salaries
  2. Employers or self employed persons who realise profit
  3. Unpaid family workers or apprentices

Labour Information
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This is a module of economic and demographic statistics, demonstrated in the form of tables and graphs. You can use the statistics provided to develop your own graphs.

The section gives you the opportunity to take a look into the future. Here are the labour market "futures". This facility provides the trends and forecasts for a wide range of labour market variables. Among others, these variables include macro-economic and social environmental indicators such as per capita income; rates of economic transformation and direction of transformation; shifts in comparative advantage; growth in population and the labour force and much more. You can browse and assess your employment and occupational outlook for the future. You can determine which occupations will be in surplus or shortage within the next four years or you can find out which ones are in surplus or shortage today.

Where are the prospects for jobs in the future? You can find it all here.

What about trends in industrial growth? Would you like to know which industries would be offering the best prospects in the future in your preferred career area? Then check the trends in industrial growth. You might even want to anticipate the type of policies that Government may need to implement in order to contain unemployment levels to a manageable low. It is all here, you just have to click and browse.


Yearly and Quarterly Statistics

The Barbados Statistical Services (BSS) conducts the Continuous Labour Market Sample Survey to develop a wide range of labour market statistics This information defines the different characteristics of the total adult population (i.e. 15 years and older) and the Barbados labour force and is used to:

• Measure Barbados’ labour supply, labour input and the total utilization of the country’s human resources in the production of local goods and services.
• Plan and develop policies for human resource development.
• Feed into the development and evaluation of government policies for employment creation, income generation and maintenance, poverty alleviation and the redistribution of income.
• Explain economic growth and changers in the demographic and socio-economic structure of the workforce and the total adult population.

The data collected from the survey is used to generate quarterly and annual statistics.



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