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The recruiter(s) has found your application interesting but now he/she wants to meet you face to face to determine if you are the right person for the job. Therefore, it is really important to make a great first impression.


There are a number of factors which determine the kind of impression you create, including:


Appearance: Dress neatly and appropriately for the work environment. If you are uncertain, dress conservatively. Avoid bright colours and out-landish styles. Coordinate your clothes and accessories, and have your hair properly cut and styled. Females should use make-up sparingly and males should wear socks. Be sure to follow the basic rules of good hygiene and good grooming. Use a light cologne - not one with a strong overpowering scent.

Punctuality: Be on time for the interview. You should arrive 5-10 minutes early so that you would have time to calm yourself before you meet your interviewer. You should go to the interview alone. Taking along a friend or a relative for support would not create the right impression. You would not appear as self-confident as you should.


Manners: Be courteous to everyone you meet. Approach the Receptionist politely with the appropriate greeting for time of day; state your name and your business. If you know the name of your Interviewer let the Receptionist know whom you came to see. When you meet your Interviewer, shake hands firmly, provided that he/she extends his/her hand first. Remain standing until you are invited to sit. Chewing gum, eating or drinking of any sort and smoking are not acceptable. The employer is not interested in your personal problems so do not raise them.


Attitude: In order to create a favourable impression, you must appear self-confident, positive and enthusiastic. Flippancy, over-confidence or over-enthusiasm, however, will work to your disadvantage. Be positive. Do not highlight your shortcomings or weaknesses.


Body Language: Much of what is communicated is done with body language (body movements, gestures, tone of voice, mannerisms); it plays a very important part in our contact with others, so awareness of it is important. The following will steer you in the right direction:-

  • walk briskly holding yourself erect.
  • sit erect with both feet on the floor. Females may cross legs at ankles. Do not slouch or sit in an overly relaxed manner.
  • place hands in your lap to avoid fidgeting.
  • maintain eye contact with interviewer during the interview without staring.

Speech: Speak clearly and use Standard English. Avoid slang or dialect. Also, do not argue with the Interviewer.



Remember, those conducting the interview will be scrutinizing everything about you in their efforts by get a sense of who you are and what can you add to the organization. Therefore, keep the aforementioned factors in mind when you go to your next interview.



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