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  • Saturday August 19, 2017 07:21:33 am
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Occupational Safety and Health Week - A Rousing Success


OSH Week 2017 was held during July 2 - 8 2017. The week began with a church service at the Bethel Pentecostal Church at Drax Hall where the Pastor and congregation warmly welcomed the staff and guests of the Labour Department. 

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Published: Monday, 17th July, 2017

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100 gain KM training


SOME 100 REPRESENTATIVES from public and private sector organisations in Barbados underwent sensitisation and certified training in knowledge management (KM) under the guidance of Douglas Weidner, of the KM Institute, a global leader in KM Certification and Training during a workshop held last week. 

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Published: Thursday, 5th March, 2015

A Look at The Benefits of the Canadian Farm Labour Programme


Barbadians going to Canada for the upcoming year’s Farm Labour Programme are set to reap significant benefits.

According to Acting Senior Labour Officer, Valerie Quintyne of the National Employment Bureau (NEB), along with gaining financially, there were social, educational and cultural benefits persons taking part in the programme could receive.

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Published: Thursday, 1st December, 2011

Accidents At Work Must Be Reported To Labour Department


Accidents which occur at work and result in an employee being injured or unable to perform his or her duties for more than three days must be reported to the Labour Department.


And, according to the Accidents and Occupational Diseases (Notification Act) 1951, such incidents should be reported as soon as possible, but no later than seven days after the event.

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Published: Tuesday, 9th October, 2012

Agricultural Sector Needs More Young People


A Government official believes it is “imperative” to encourage young people to work in the agricultural sector.

This is the view of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management, Esworth Reid, who was speaking during the launch of the Ministry’s Youth Agri-preneurship Incubator programme, today at Almond Bay, in Hastings, Christ Church.


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Published: Monday, 8th June, 2015

Aruba Embracing Barbados' Social Partnership


Some regional countries are looking for ways they can share and learn best practice models from other Caribbean countries.


This is the case with Aruba, where the Aruba Trade and Industry Association (ATIA) is learning from Barbados’ tripartite arrangement and seeking to fully establish an Aruban social partnership.

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Published: Thursday, 17th May, 2012

Bajan Workers Recruited By Canadian Hoteliers


Barbadians are coming out in their numbers with the hope of being recruited to work in the hospitality industry in Canada, and Human Resources Manager of Blue Mountain Resort from Ontario, Janet Hammond, said her company was eager to hire people from this island.

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Published: Thursday, 27th September, 2012

Barbadian Workforce Urged To Learn A Foreign Language


As this country continues to sign bilateral trade agreements, pursue foreign direct investment and attract tourists from non-traditional markets, there is an imperative need for its citizens to develop their language skills. 


This observation has come from Minister of Labour and Social Security, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, who is urging Barbadians to learn a foreign language.

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Published: Thursday, 12th April, 2012

Barbados Gender Focused


Barbados is the first country in the Caribbean and Latin American region to be gender audited by the International Labour office (ILO), and preliminary findings reveal that the Ministry of Labour is doing well.

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Published: Thursday, 13th October, 2011

Barbados looks at Jamaican Model for Improvements


Examining the Jamaican approach to the Canadian Farm Labour Programme, would help Barbados to find ways to improve its competitiveness and increase job opportunities through the Canadian Overseas Employment Programme.

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Published: Tuesday, 20th December, 2011

Barbados Plays Host to the 2006 Annual Review Meeting- Canada/Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme


Under the Canada/Caribbean Farm Labour Programme, now called the Canada/Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme, Barbadian workers are given the opportunity to seek overseas employment to fill the labour shortages that Canada experiences in its agricultural industry.

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Published: Monday, 15th May, 2006

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Adult Population (000’s) 105.7 115.7 221.4
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