Government Programs

This section is about work place information and provides online information on various government programmes relating to the Barbados labour market, the social services and self-employment opportunities.

Were you working before, but are now without a job? Find out whether you qualify for unemployment benefits. Find information on severance payments. Going on maternity leave? Find information on maternity benefits.

Are you looking for welfare assistance? Do you want to know more about the Government's Poverty Alleviation Fund? How about the disabled? You can check out information on the Barbados Disability Unit and see how you can benefit by the programmes managed by this Unit.

Are you self-employed? Do you want to know how you can get some Government assistance in running your small business? Information is here on Business Financing, Market Analysis, Self-Employment Development. Here are some of the institutions to assist you.

    * Rural Development Program
    * Enterprise Growth Fund

It is all here. We can direct you to the right places and the right persons. Let your Government assist you.

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