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Paul Mayers
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18/06/2018 2:51 pm  

Make clothing affordable the money bajans are spending overseas in clothing can profit the country.  Bajans spend money on airfare to come to the US to shop on clothing that’s reasonable and cost next to nothing. If the government can put regulations on vendors to sell their goods at a reasonable price the people will want to spend money in the country.

Submitted by R. Harris-Griffith

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25/04/2019 7:23 am  

I totally agree with you.
clothing is a very basic need of every human being after food. Back then, I also find it hard to find reasonable and good quality online clothing stores. but thanks to Mixxmix coupon, now I can easily buy good stuff at a cheap price.

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27/05/2019 5:27 am  

I agreed, Surrounding the team's first cheap spirit jerseys, In the modern world, clothing is the very first thing that is being noticed when I buying some awesome products thanks to very much

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20/05/2020 2:15 am  

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25/08/2020 7:10 am  

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24/03/2021 6:44 am  

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